Arianne.20 in Oly from LA.

Since its the last day of Cat Dissections, I figured I’d take a picture. 

This is (well whats left of… ) Mr. Cow Chuckles.

Note that her lungs and trachea were taken out and her stomach is somewhere on her, just no intact haha.

Her nasty rotting stench mix with embalming fluids injected into her are nauseating. She had a tapeworm in her intestines and a chopped up rat in her stomach. Good shit bro. 

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    Did this today. I enjoyed it a little too much … serial killer in the making? I think yes.
  2. lazyeyed said: omg why would you post this.. oh god nelly..
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    what the fuck. why do they allow you to dissect cats…….. this is so depressing ..
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